Accurate, easy-to-use VO2-max estimation

VentriJect is making estimation of respiratory fitness an easy task. No need for expensive equipment or diffucult test protocolts. VO2-max is estimated with no exercise required

Our Mission

Giving a new dimension to fitness and general health check of people

Our passion is to contribute to make true the American Heart Association 2016-Statement of cardio respiratory fitness as first choice for health risk examination.
Our dedication is to develop a simple reliable method for measure of cardio respiratory fitness. 


Spreading cardiorespiratory fitness into a global standard for health examination

VentriJect is built on research and science in healthy and diseased heart. We respond to society needs by transferring findings into general and personalized user applications.


Cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) measured as VO2max may be determined by the VentriJect CRF Device. Place the device at the distal part of your chest (sternum) and start the recording using the companion APP on your smartphone. The recorded signal will be interpreted in our laboratories and your VO2-max value will be visible on your phone or tablet in a few seconds.


In our laboratories the algorithm for interpreting the recorded signal from your the VentriJect CRF Device will convert the recording into an equivalent to VO2-max. The first generation of the algorithm will have a correlation of above 90% to the VO2-max determined by an ergometer test on a bike, in more than 150 subjects. This is on par with exercise tests and better than other indirect determination of fitness.

Use cases for non-exercise VO2-max estimation

Only in professional settings ergometer estimation of cardio respiratory fitness will be done. Alternative indirect methods require exercise. The VentriJect method for indirect determination of VO2max gives opportunity for individualized determination of CRF or of following development of fitness in cases like rehabilitations, exercise group of people, teams of athletes, fitness in youth and personal progression. All very quickly and without exercise.


Cardio respiratory fitness measured as VO2max correlates not only to fitness but to general health. Many studies of fitness document that your VO2max can be improved significantly with proper training regimes. A case study performed with 20 volunteers starting a twice weekly fitness program in eight weeks revealed in a mean of 10% improvement but individually up to 30% improvement of the cardio respiratory fitness. The method established by VentriJect allows for a simple tool for following the progression.


VentriJect expects to launch a Medical Device for indirect estimation of cardio respiratory fitness in 2020. This will be even more precise in respect to reproducibility and correlation to ergometer VO2max estimation than our mobile App estimation. The Medical Device will be dedicated to the professional society whether medical doctors or top athlete coaches.

Our Team

VentriJect is a startup founded in Aalborg, Denmark in 2018. The company consists of people from the medical device industi: Peter Samuelsen and Stig Visti Andersen, researchers from Aalborg University: Samuel Emil Schmidt (associate professor), Johannes Jan Struijk (professor) and Kasper Sørensen (PhD student) and professor of cardiology: Peter Søgaard from Aalborg University Hospital, Department of Cardiology.

Peter Samuelsen


Samuel Emil Schmidt


Peter Søgaard


Stig Visti Andersen


Johannes J. Struijk

Senior Scientists

Kasper Sørensen

Head of Software